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Anthony Rajan

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No of Vacancies : 1
Qualification : Lawyer accepted within the Omani system and courts, able to represent MF in the courts. At least 5 to 7 years experience as a lawyer, practicing, preferably in a recovery role. Supervise, manage and lead the legal team at MF to achieve desired objectives for recoveries from old past due accounts. Supervise the team to follow-up and push execution cases to quicker resolution within the court system. Should be a lawyer accepted to represent MF in court for smaller cases that don’t go through the legal firms Be able to negotiate compensation with legal firms to align with MF objectives for recovery. Be able to systematize the legal case filing and follow up process in our system and provide reports to senior management on progress of all cases. Be able to provide legal feedback on other agreements that MF enters into from time-to-time, with vendors etc. Be able to handle legal matters related to corporate affairs such as AGMs, EGMs, Board meetings etc.
Last date : 2018-02-28
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