Raja Subaramanian

Email : rajasu@mfcoman.com

Phone : 24625354


Email : sridhar@mfcoman.com

Phone : 24625370

Anthony Rajan

Email : antony@mfcoman.com

Phone : 24625355


Email : baqir@mfcoman.com

Phone : 24625309

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Board Members

Mr. Syed Massi Uddin

Head of Information Technology

Board Members

Mr. Rohit Anand Bajpai

Head of Internal Audit

Board Members

Mr. Raja Subaramanian

Acting Head of Leasing

Board Members

Mr. Sridhar

Head of Vehicular

Board Members

Mr. Nitin Verma

Head of Risk Management

Board Members

Mr. Rahul Bansal

Head of Finance, Accounts and Treasury

Board Members

Mr. Junaid Hanif

Head of Credit Admin & Customer Service

Board Members

Ms. Faiza Al Zadjali

Head of Compliance and MLRO

Board Members

Ms Khoula Al Sinawi

Acting Human Resource Manager